Why July?

Our mission

We exist to bring better design and thinking around how we travel. To elevate your travel standard from product-buying to being augmented around the experience of considered design and service.

Simply put, July is here to ensure you can focus on the parts of travelling you love.

Our cases

We talked to over 100 frequent travellers, people who are constantly on the move and know exactly the pain points and desires in what they look for in their luggage. So we created a perfect Carry-On to solve them. Reinforced bumpers to protect the corners, handles that are comfortable to handle, wheels that actually work, and a battery pack that ensures you’re never looking for power outlets again.

Importantly, it’s beautiful. An extension of you and your travel style. It’s how all luggage should be.

Our point of difference

Why we can do what we do is because we are going direct to consumer, a model that means we control the manufacturing, selling, and total experience when it comes to buying the perfect luggage.

Most luggage brands manufacture with off-the-shelf components, and then sell through retailers and distributors adding on markup along the way. By the time it reaches you it’s almost triple the cost.

Our model means we can deliver the best result across the entire experience without compromise.

Our future

The Carry-On is just the beginning. We will continue to apply our design-thinking to ensure all parts of your travel experience are more considered and better designed.