Marketing Manager (Growth and Performance)

Performance and Growth Marketer 


You'll be leading Performance Marketing and Growth Initiatives for July globally, joining a growing eCommerce team based in Collingwood, Melbourne.


- Luggage designed in Melbourne, made for the world
- A young and growing team base
- Performance marketing experience required



Who is July?


July exists to bring better design and thinking around how we travel. To elevate your travel standard from product-buying to being augmented around the experience of considered design and service.


Creating sustainable longer-lasting luggage at a fraction of the traditional price means we are giving all people the opportunity to own luggage that lasts a lifetime and stops the cycle of single use travel accessories.


Simply put, July is here to ensure you can focus on the parts of travelling you love.


We’re a young team looking to showcase our Australian offering globally, and we’d love for you to join us. @July on socials or check us out at


What we're looking for:


An individual who is energetic and motivated about all things travel. Design-conscious, progressive, considerate. You will be working with a travel brand that loves to travel, and your experiences around this are what makes you a perfect team member in July.


As July's Performance Marketing Manager hire, you'll be at the forefront of startup life, getting hands on experience on building a global company from a very early stage. Your role will be one of the most important we have; how the July brand is represented in market, how all communications and visuals elevate the brand to be what we envision it to be, and the success of our messaging to produce eCommerce results. 


This role is a balance of performance and brand; an understanding you can’t achieve above average results in either without enabling the other. Part of this role is to maintain the design ethos for July and ensure all elements of the communications reflect this ethos. The other is to refine our performance marketing to maximise our media investment. 


You love numbers. Experimentation, data, analysis. You love understanding new Ad products, ideating, testing and then scaling ideas, to always be optimising our media investment.



What you'll need:


- Experience on the tools in a performance marketing role, with examples and narrative to present back to us for review

- Case studies and historical work we can reference

- Media analysis capability, a deep understanding of analytical numbers

- Strong knowledge of Google AdWords, Facebook Ad Manager, and Google Analytics



Send your CV and cover letter introducing yourself to