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Job location: Collingwood, Melbourne, Australia

Join a team with the ambition to change how people travel. We are looking for great talent to jump on board with us and create more considered travel experiences. Please send your CV and Cover Letter to


Marketing Manager (Growth and Performance)

As July's Marketing Manager (Growth and Performance) hire, you'll be at the forefront of startup life, getting hands on experience on building a global company from a very early stage. Your role will be one of the most important we have; how the July brand is represented in market, how all communications and visuals elevate the brand to be what we envision it to be, and the success of our messaging to produce eCommerce results. 

This role is a balance of performance and brand; an understanding you can’t achieve above average results in either without enabling the other. Part of this role is to maintain the design ethos for July and ensure all elements of the communications reflect this ethos. The other is to refine our performance marketing to maximise our media investment.


Fashion Buyer

This is a key position in July. You will be part of the product development team to identify customer preferences and forecasting consumer trends, and will be designing and creating products for our upcoming pipeline. Proven relevant experience is a must.

Customer Happiness Team

We are looking for five customer happiness associates to provide best-in-class support to our community. You will be presenting the July brand and act as our voice across all customer channels.

Growth Hacker

We are looking for an experienced growth hacker who can help grow our audience and brand awareness in multiple channels, this includes but not limited to SEM, SEO, PR, and Social.

Full Stack Developer

We are looking for a gun who can help July solve various technical challenges of our continuous web development and backend ERP solutions.

Spontaneous one

Can’t find a position that fits your skill set? Please let us know how you can contribute to July’s growth, and why you want to jump on board with us. We are always looking for great talent.