Design Thinking

Human-led design to solve real travel problems.

From the beginning we wanted to create a beautiful luggage experience that helped solve some of the pain points of travelling today.

The most important element of design is speaking to the people who use the product frequently, and designing better solutions around their needs. Designing processes, experiences, messages, and solutions with humans for humans.

Together with design agency ODO in Cremorne, over a 6 month period  we spoke to hundreds of travellers, both regular and infrequent, around what they wanted to see changed in their luggage and travel.

ODO is a design agency recognised by the James Dyson Awards for human industrial design.

Employing a research driven, insight led approach, we executed our design process around the Double Diamond Design Methodology, where we talk to people and define their problems, help brainstorm solutions, co-design new approaches, and then prototype and test the results.

Travellers told us they hate having to search for power points at the airport while they wait. That their current luggage is often good for the first trip and then breaks on the second, with the warranty process really cumbersome and confusing. People hated that the wheels always broke. Dirty laundry storage was an issue, as was the quality of the telescopic handle. What the fundamentals came down to were that luggage was seen as an immediate purchase for travel without too much consideration into features - and then that decision was often regretted months later.

Together we designed a case that aimed to solve all the problems and pains found through our research. An integrated water and smell proof laundry bag. A pull-out handle that stops at 25 different heights for different people, instead of just 3. A good quality ejectable battery that also charges your laptop. Wheels that were reinforced and double-rubbered to ensure durability. And a warranty process that was easy to use and lasted a lifetime.

Design thinking has been at the heart of what we do at July. Solving human problems in travel with humans in mind.